Consciousness of thoughts , Coaching und Hypnotherapy

Consciousness of thoughts – what's that?

Cogito ergo sum ("I think, therefore I am") already knew René Descartes. But what do I think why and why exactly in this way? What makes me think about something one way or another? Where do my convictions come from and again - why ?

Healing thinking or consciousness training is a form of perception, freed from classical thought patterns and effectively helps to see things as they may actually be or at least may be – if you allow it. It liberates, dissolves messed up points of view, helps approach things more neutrally and honestly. And above it all, it opens the way to the inside, freed from deceptive ideas, beliefs and judgments.

Healing thinking allowes to feel the things that are otherwise only condemned, categorized and pigeonholed – outside the collective or individual value system.

Paired with customized Hypnosis sessions we deepen the newly discovered and anchor it inside.


When coaching, I accompany people who, in their situation, possibly need a supportive shadow next to them, a helping hand, new ideas and above it all a stable person. In order to achieve the best possible results, I like to combine the different techniques and let my intuition free space.

Often the hidden potential in humans is revealed only properly after it has been brought to the surface. I am happy to help.


Fortunately, more and more People are aware that by means of targeted Hypnotherapy, in only a short time Time, the otherwise inaccessible aspects of one's own self becomes more responsive and malleable.

In a hypnosis Session, the access to the subconscious, openes up in a simple, often playful way and the, often also destructive, controlled thinking, moves into the background. Thus, even mostly hidden Sides of the ego exposed and can be treated precisely and with sensitivity.

I am happy to accompany you on your journey into the interior and help you to become freer again and to plunge more casually into life.

Be aware, you can do a lot as you alone turn the buttons in your own control center.

Hypnosis is one thing, therapeutic conversations and perception training on the other, help the inner awakening and promote a healthy understanding of one's own self. Often such conversations are immensely helpful, because the analytical mind gets what it wants as well. As a result, vision and action often change without trance, through pure direct access to the ego.

We are what we are and not what we think we are. Let's leave the thoughts where they should be and allow us to go a little deeper together, to where you touch yourself, without "thinking along" and "analyzing" - just being.

Classic therapeutic fields for hynopse therapy

  • Treating fears and phobias directly. If necessary, exploring more deeply in a conversation
  • Depression and mental overload - loosening up and building strength.
  • Habit changes - change and correct in a targeted manner.
  • Addictions - Locate and make them disappear
  • Light pain therapy - calm down and let go.
  • Relaxation and inner peace
  • Exam anxiety and stress - increase focus and relieve anxiety.
  • Increased performance - for exhaustion and inner tiredness.
  • Weight problems - correcting and accompanying.
  • Burnout - Treating self-esteem and exhaustion.
  • Nervousness - calm down and stabilize.
  • School problems - leading and accompanying.
  • Trauma - dissolving and healing.
  • General Dissatisfaction - Discuss and Satisfy.
  • Relationship problems - accompanying and finding solutions.
  • Addictions - replacing with what is really important and real.
  • Sexual disorders / problems - deepening, understanding and possibly correcting.
  • General blockages - release and relax.
  • Learning Problems - fix and Correct.
  • Concentration problems - learning to focus.