Zu mir

Like all, or at least most people, I too live different facets of myself. On the one hand, the responsible family father, on the other hand, artist and visionary and last but not least, with a good access to the human being, his spirituality, his how and why, a knack for the hidden inside.
Over the years, not only my inner voice, but also a variety of interesting techniques have helped me to support, accompany and, where necessary, build up my freinds and fellows.

I work after a simple principle:
Do not search for what I do not offer you, but take what I can give you.

Patrizio Roffi

Knowledge and experience

  • Hypnosetherapeut EZC
  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Avatar Master Star's Edge Int.
  • Working with the der Akasha Chronik
  • Mediales Arbeiten 
  • Member of the Swiss  Parapsychological Society